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The Orange Army Search for Grandeur

1 year ago
Updated 4 months ago

street footie Football Club (0 W-0 D-2 L ) go into their third round of play in the Mason Dixon Soccer League following a displeasing start to their season campaign. For their next fixture, they face ‘Merica (3 W-0D-1L) and will look for an excellent performance as their recent form has been uncharacteristic of the cub’s philosophy,Β  thus is to produce the sort of football that dazzles crowds.Β 

Match Details

Game Day: June 4 πŸ—“

Games Times:  10:20 am ⏰

Location:Β Oakdale high schoolΒ Β 

5850 Eaglehead Dr, Ijamsville, MD 21754Β πŸ“

Weather: Mostly Sunny 😎 

Game Duration: 2 x 45-minute halves  ⏳ 

Playing Surface: Synthetic Turf πŸ€A

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