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A Mountain to Climb

1 year ago
Updated 4 months ago

street footie Football Club (0W-0D-2L) went into the club’s second official eleven aside fixture knowing they had a mountain to climb. They faced off against even for top spot Deportivo Calero (4 W-1D-0L) following vicious introduction to the league in the previous week from even for top spot Fredrick Kings(4 W-1D-0L).

street footie Football Club (0 W-0 D-1 L ) go into the second match of the Mason Dixon League following..
1 year ago

The game would kick off with the traveling side looking leggy and out of sorts. A bird’s eye view could only foretell the demise of the Orange Army as the brave eleven faced off against a confident Deportivo Calero nearing thirty players. A lackluster start to the game and no reinforcements to turn to would see street footie head into the break with a three-goal deficit.

street footie Football Club kicks off its inaugural season in the Maryland Soccer Plex Tier 1 Men’s Open. ..
1 year ago

The second half would not bring much light for street footie, with a lack of possession coming back to haunt them. Deportivo Calero would not let off for one minute despite street footies’ obstinate effort, which earned them a consolation to end the match 8-1.

street footie Football Club adds several new faces to the squad following a successful two-week trial period that attracted over..
1 year ago

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