Friendly By Name

1 year ago
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street footie Football Club gear up to face an unfamiliar opposition in Untouchable Lions.  The orange army will be confident coming from a 10-4 victory in their regular season fixture in the Mason Dixon Soccer League season. The match promises excitement as both teams gear up to face each other for the first time ever. 

Match Details

Game Day: June 30 🗓

Games Times:  8:30 am ⏰

Location: South County Middle School 


5850 Eaglehead Dr, Ij8700 Laurel Crest Dr, Lorton, VA 22079.  📍

Weather: Sunny  

Game Duration: 2 x 45-minute halves  ⏳ 

Playing Surface: Synthetic Turf 🍀A

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Friendly By Name

street footie Football Club gear up to face an unfamiliar…

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