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Upcoming MSSL 2 Spring 2023 Match
street footie


Sunday, June 11 @ 4:30 pm

Ristozi VS. street footie Post Match

4 weeks ago
Updated 4 weeks ago

street footie played Ristozi for the sixth round of the Maryland Super Soccer League as the orange army searched for points to keep them in a playoff spot while Ristozi were keen on keeping their title hopes alive.  

The final score Ristozi (5W- 0D – 1L) 0 – 10  street footie (1W- 2D – 3L) will see street footie drop to seventh and trail A3 Highlanders (5W- 0D – 1L) by a single point while Ristozi will hold the second spot and trail league leaders Das Bierhalle by one point at the end of week six in the MSSL D2 Spring 2023.

NEXT MATCH : street footie VS. A3 Highlanders kicks off Sunday, May 14, 2023, at 1:00 pm EDT

MSSL D2 Week Six Results

A3 Highlanders 1-3 Heartland SG
Skyline City 3-1 Ittihad 
Ristozi 10-0 street footie
Baltimore Kickers 1-1 Das Bierhalle

On the closing day of week six in the Maryland Super Soccer League 2023 Spring Season all matches are squared up and the table remains unsolidified. street footie are currently in seventh position and trails fourth-place A3 Highlanders by a single point.  The next round of MSSL fixtures promises even more excitement as street footie goes against A3 Highlanders (2W- 0D – 4L) and must capitalize on chances early on to secure the point and keep the fight for promotion alive.

The Maryland Super Soccer League (MSSL) is back in action this spring, starting March 26th, 2022. The Fall MSSL season..
3 months ago

Maryland Super Soccer League Spring 2023

The Maryland Super Soccer League Spring 2023 (MSSL) kicked off on Sunday, March 26. The 2022 Fall MSSL season lived up to its billing, emerging as the most exciting league to watch in the state, and the Spring 2023 exhibition begun in an exciting fashion. 

The MSSL carries the guard of hosting three winners of the 2023 edition for the most prestigious competitions in the state. Rowland Cup, Stewart Cup, Morton Cup.

The Spring 2023 Maryland Super Soccer League Division Two fixtures are released. Matches and times are listed below. ..
3 months ago

Sunday, May 14

11:00 AM Ittihad v Das Bierhalle
1:00 PM street footie v A3 Highlanders
5:00 PM Ristozi v Skyline City
8:30 PM Heartland v Baltimore Kickers

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