street footie Football Club Joins Maryland Super Soccer League

2 years ago
Updated 1 year ago

street footie football club will officially kick off its inaugural competitive season in the Maryland Super Soccer League (MSSL) this fall. A full season schedule will be released soon.

The orange army takes on United Premier Soccer League side MoCo 1776 for their last Maryland Super Soccer League Summer Tournament match. The game is being played at Troy Park and kicks off at 1 pm on 8/14/2022.

street footie Football Club look forward to their next fixture in the ‘2022 Maryland Super Soccer League Summer Tournament’. Without..
2 years ago

 The MSSL is a semi-professional men’s league established in 2021 and encompasses the Washington Metropolitan Area. The league prides itself on its founding principles of representative membership, elite competition, top coverage, and fair governance. In addition, the MSSL has affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association, the United States Soccer Federation, and the MSSA.

street footie joins the 2022 Maryland Summer Soccer League, which starts at the end of July…
2 years ago

Expansion of the Maryland Super Soccer League

In its short existence, the league has earned a reputation for housing the best teams and being the most competitive in the area. With the added pressure of televised matches, games always bring excitement. Also, fans will gather at matches in dozens in support of their local clubs. The league will occasionally host vendors that pin extra peace of excitement to the games.  

All MSSL Member Teams are Eligible for:

Following a successful Summer Tryout, street footie FC adds eight new players to its ranks. ..
2 years ago

Action Packed Maryland Super Soccer League

Maryland Super Soccer League is action-packed, with teams from the first division fighting to be crowned champions of Maryland while the teams in the second division battle for a chance to gain promotion. Things are looking even more exciting with the addition of Good Now and Hearts of Steel to Division One, which increases the number of teams in the league’s top flight to ten.   

Maryland Super Soccer League Fall 2022 League Table

Watch Steel Pulse vs street footie Livestream Replay

street footie Football Club is delighted to join the scrumble to gain promotion as the MSSL fall season (starts 8/11/2022) promises to bring a gust of fresh air. Several new teams have entered the second division, and the league is assured to announce a hand full of exciting participants in the coming weeks.

Maryland Super Soccer League Division I Fall 2022 Teams

Maryland Super Soccer League Division II Fall 2022 Teams

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street footie Football Club Joins Maryland Super Soccer League

street footie football club will officially kick off its inaugural…

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