Upcoming Howard County Winter 2023 Friday League Match
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Maryland Old Boys
Friday, February 3 @ 9:30 pm
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street footie Football Club Joins Mason-Dixon Soccer League

9 months ago
Updated 9 months ago

street footie Football Club joins the Mason-Dixon Soccer League (MDSL) Spring 2022 season. The MDSL is a premier amateur (adult) soccer league formed in 1931 as Washington County Soccer. In 1939, the Washington County Soccer league went through a restructuring phase to include teams from other counties, including those from southern Pennsylvania. That same year it was renamed the Mason-Dixon Soccer League. 

street footie FC will be holding two 120-minute tryout sessions for the upcoming Spring 2022 Mason-Dixon Soccer League season…
9 months ago

Expansion of the Mason-Dixon Soccer League

By 1993, the Mason-Dixon Soccer League became a part of the Maryland State Soccer Association, extending the benefits of the MSSA to its members.

All MDSL Member Teams are Eligible for:

Today the MDSL encompasses teams far-reaching Western Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The Mason-Dixon Soccer League has affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association, the United States Soccer Federation, and the MSSA.

Experience In the Mason-Dixon Soccer League

The Mason-Dixon Soccer League hosts a pool of experienced players who have surpassed the hustle of high school and college football in their 20s to ’40s.

Mason-Dixon Soccer League Spring 2022 League Table

Mason-Dixon Soccer League Spring 2022 Teams

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