street footie Football Club Joins Rowland Cup

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street footie football club will officially kick off its first stint in the Rowland Cup on January 15th, 2023, as they push to follow the steps of many others that have gone to replicate the feats of Sons of St. George, the first club to lift the cup in 1914. A full-tournament schedule will be released soon.

street footie Football Club look forward to their next fixture in the ‘2022 Maryland Super Soccer League Summer Tournament’. Without..
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The Rowland Cup prides itself on being the oldest cup competition in Maryland, and the state’s Open championship attracts the best clubs from competing leagues. All clubs registered with the MSSA are eligible to participate in the first round of play of the Roland Cup.

street footie reign victorious in a 1-2 away win Sunday night to Baltimore Kickers on matchday nine of the Maryland..
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All MSSL Member Teams are Eligible for:

First Round - Playoff

Teams go head to head in a seeding round of play. Those who win advance to the Group Stage of the Rowland Cup, and the eliminated teams compete for the Morton Cup.

The winner of the Rowland Cup will advance to the USASA Region I Werner Fricker Cup. 

Rowland Cup Winners by Year

Year Rowland Cup
2023 Christos FC
2022 Christos FC
2021 Columbia FC
2020 Christos FC
2019 Yinz United
2018 Christos FC
2017 Christos FC
2016 Christos FC
2015 Dulles Sportsplex Aegean Hawks FC
2014 Maryland Bays
2013 Screaming Eagles
2012 Maryland Bays
2011 Maryland Bays
2010 Baltimore Bays Chelsea
2009 Christos FC
2008 Baltimore Colts FC
2007 Baltimore Colts FC
2006 Baltimore Colts FC
2005 Baltimore Colts FC
2004 Baltimore Bays 85/86
2003 Hen's SC
2002 Baltimore Colts FC
2001 DiPasquale FC
2000 Christos
1999 Baltimore Colts FC
1998 AC Hellas
1997 Casa Mia
1996 *
1995 La Dolce Vita
1994 La Dolce Vita
1993 La Dolce Vita
1992 La Dolce Vita
1991 La Dolce Vita
1990 Sonfast Blitz
1989 La Dolce Vita
1988 La Dolce Vita
1987 La Dolce Vita
1986 Tommy's Lounge
1985 Nats SC
1984 Casa Bianco SC
1983 *
1982 Spain SC
1981 Shiflett & Horn
1980 Spain SC
1979 *
1978 *
1977 *
1976 *
1975 Casa Bianco St.
1974 Casa Bianco St.
1973 *
1972 Italia Casa Bianco
1971 Dnipro
1970 Bud's Tavern
1969 Baltimore Kickers
1968 British Lions FC
1967 Britannica
1966 British Lions FC
1965 Washington Internationals SC
1964 British Lions FC
1963 British Lions FC
1962 Central Valet SC
1961 Sledz's Lounge
1960 St. Gerards
1959 St. Gerards
1958 Central Valet SC
1957 Central Valet SC
1956 Our Lady of Pompei SC
1955 Community Jewelers SC
1954 Surf
1953 Parkville
1952 Our Lady of Pompei SC
1951 Our Lady of Pompei SC
1950 Our Lady of Pompei SC
1949 Ronald M. Davis SC
1948 Parkville
1947 Our Lady of Good Counsel
1946 John Hasslinger SC
1945 Combined British Services
1944 Combined British Services
1943 Santa Maria K.C.
1942 Santa Maria K.C
1941 Santa Maria K.C.
1940 Ruggiero
1939 Sixth District
1938 St. Gerards
1937 Stonewall D.C.
1936 Baltimore Canton
1935 Stonewall D.C.
1934 Bethlehem Steel
1933 Patapsco Rangers
1932 Bethlehem Steel
1931 Baltimore Canton
1930 Baltimore Canton
1929 Baltimore Canton
1928 Patapsco Rangers
1927 Patapsco Rangers
1926 Baltimore Canton
1925 Patapsco Rangers
1924 *
1923 *
1922 *
1921 *
1920 *
1919 *
1918 *
1917 *
1916 *
1915 *
1914 Sons of St. George
street footie joins the 2022 Maryland Summer Soccer League, which starts at the end of July…
2 years ago

Action Packed Maryland Super Soccer League

Maryland Super Soccer League is action-packed, with teams from the first division fighting to be crowned champions of Maryland while the teams in the second division battle for a chance to gain promotion.    

Maryland Super Soccer League Fall 2022 League Table

street footie Football Club is delighted to join the scrumble to gain promotion as the MSSL fall season (starts 8/11/2022) promises to bring a gust of fresh air. Several new teams have entered the second division, and the league is assured to announce a hand full of exciting participants in the coming weeks.

Maryland Super Soccer League Division I Fall 2022 Teams

Maryland Super Soccer League Division II Fall 2022 Teams

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rowland cup announcement

street footie Football Club Joins Rowland Cup

street footie football club will officially kick off its inaugural…