street footie vs JA Raiders Maryland Majors Match Report

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Sun May 12
MD Majors Spring 2024

🏆 Maryland Majors Match Report 
📅 Date: Sunday, May 12, 2024
⏰ Time: 8:00 PM
📍 Venue: Montgomery Blair High School
 51 University Blvd E, Silver Spring, MD 20901 
🏁 Final Score: street footie Raiders JA

In a stunning turn of events at Montgomery Blair High School last night, street footie faced a crushing defeat at the hands of JA Raiders, losing 0 – 3 in a match that left fans speechless and pundits scrambling for explanations.


⚽an Early blow

The first blow came early in the match when JA Raiders capitalized on a defensive lapse to take the lead, sending shockwaves through the stadium. Despite unwavering attempts to salvage something from the game, the Orange Army got caught napping twice more before the final whistle signaled a sobering reality check for the Orange Army, dejected and left to ponder what went wrong on a night that promised so much but delivered only disappointment thus adding an extra bit of drama to the tail. As the dust settles on this shocking result, street footie will regroup, learn from the mistakes, and channel this setback into renewed determination for the challenges that lie ahead.


May 12th, 2024 Recap

The weekend of May 12th, 2024, brought thrilling showdowns in the world of football. street footie will look to pull up their socks in the next fixture after going doing 0 – 3 against JA Raiders while Baltimore City asserted their prowess with a commanding 5 – 1 win over Florence. In a closely contested match, Le Syli DMV edged out Ittihad 2 – 1, securing a crucial victory in their bid for playoff contention. Meanwhile, Jessup emerged victorious with a narrow 1 – 0 triumph over Lions, positioning themselves as formidable contenders. With Jessup FC and Le Syli DMV clinching division titles, the battle for second place in each conference intensifies, setting the stage for an electrifying playoff season commencing on June 9th.

In a quick word with the technical director Barak Shechter after the match, when asked about street footie’s final push for playoffs, he remarked, “In football, as in life, it’s not the defeats that define us, but rather how we respond to them.”



Maryland Majors Spring 2024 Date: Sunday, April 21, 2024 Time: 7:00 pm Venue: Montgomery Blair High School In what promises..
1 month ago

⚡MARYLAND MAJORS 2024 Matchday One Results

Sunday, April 7, 2024

street footie 1 – 1 Lions

JA Raiders 0 – 4 Jessup 

Baltimore City 0 – 4 Ittihad 

🏆 Looking Ahead The Quest for Glory

As the Maryland Majors 2024 Spring season unfolds, this match will be remembered not only for its competitive nature but also for the promise shown by young talents and the enduring rivalry that makes the MMSL a thrilling spectacle. Fans of both clubs and neutrals alike can look forward to more intense battles, skillful plays, and the passionate pursuit of soccer glory that defines this storied league.

On January 28th, street footie will meet 4188 at 1:00 PM. This game is set to be a riveting encounter,..
4 months ago


Sunday, April 14, 2024

street footie 4 – 3 Florence

Latrobe Jessup 8 – 0 Baltimore City

Latrobe JA Raiders 2 – 2 Ittihad

Lions 1 – 3 Le Syli DMV

In its first appearance in Maryland’s oldest cup competition, street footie FC advance to the quarter-finals of the 2023 Rowland..
1 year ago

⚡MARYLAND MAJORS 2024 Matchday Three Results

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Le Syli 3 – 0 street footie

Florence 0 – 1 PM EST Lions

Baltimore City 3 – 1 JA Raiders

Ittihad 1 – 1 Jessup

The Maryland Majors Spring 2024 season kicks off on April 7th, in what is shaping up as a compelling showcase..
2 months ago

⚡MARYLAND MAJORS 2024 Matchday Four Results

Sunday, April 28, 2024

street footie 1 – 0 Jessup

Lions 3 – 3 JA Raiders

Florence 2 – 9 Ittihad

Baltimore City 2 – 4 Le Syli

street footie Football Club has undergone a tumultuous inaugural campaign. And with the year nearing a close, the Orange Army..
1 year ago

⚡MARYLAND MAJORS 2024 Matchday Five Result

Sunday, May 5th 2024

Baltimore City 1 – 1 PM EDT street footie

Ittihad 2 – 2 Lions

JA Raiders 0 – 3 PM EDT Le Syli DMV

Jessup 4 – 0 Florence

⚡MARYLAND MAJORS 2024 Matchday six Results

Sunday, May 12th 2024

street footie 0 – 3 JA Raiders
Baltimore City 5 – 1 Florence

Ittihad 1 – 2 Le Syli DMV

Lions 0 – 1 Jessup


Sunday, May 19th 2024

street footie 7:00 PM EDT Ittihad

Lions 6:00 PM EDT Baltimore City
Florence 3:00 PM EDT JA Raiders

Jessup 1:00 PM EDT Le Syli DMV


💪 Strong Together

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our fans, whose unwavering support fuels our passion and drive. As we look to the future, let us carry forward the lessons, the spirit, and the promise that this tournament has instilled in us. Together, we will continue to strive for excellence, nurture our young talents, and return stronger, ready to write the next chapter in the street footie legacy.

Thank you for standing with us. Here’s to growing stronger, together. 🤝

🙌 Join Us

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on our next fixtures and team news. 

Your support is our strength!

#OrangeArmy #streetfootieFC 

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street footie vs JA Raiders Maryland Majors Match Report

In a stunning turn of events at Montgomery Blair High…