Skyline Royal VS. street footie Post Match

street footie played Skyline Royal, for the fourth round of the Maryland Super Soccer League as both teams remained eager for points to keep their promotion hopes alive. Three points dropped for the Orange Army with chances thinned at the referees whistle. The final score Skyline Royal (1W- 0D – 3L) 4 – 2 street footie (1W- 1D – 2L) will keep Skyline Royal at the bottom of the league and drops street footie to fifth place at the end of round four of MSSL D2.

NEXT MATCH : Heartland vs. street footie kicks off Sunday, April 30, 2023, at 8:00 pm EDT

street footie VS. Fredrick Skyline Post Match

street footie went against Fredrick Skyline in a seven-goal frenzy on the opening day of the Maryland Super Soccer League with a performance that has seen them sitting at the top of the table after the day.

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