Head of Supporter’s Club – Part-time Volunteer

Job Title: Head of Supporter's Club

The Head of Supporter's Club will be the primary liaison between the fanbase and the club management. This role fosters community engagement, organizes events, and promotes a positive atmosphere for supporters. This individual must work closely with various departments within the club, including marketing, communications, and game day operations, to ensure a cohesive and supportive fan experience.

Key Responsibilities:

Community Engagement

Foster an inclusive, welcoming, and positive environment for all supporters.

Engage with fans through social media channels, newsletters, and club events.

Event Management

Plan, coordinate, and execute supporter events such as watch parties, pre-game gatherings, and community outreach activities.

Liaise with local businesses and sponsors to secure venues and resources for events.

Game Day Experience

Coordinate with the club's operations team to plan game-day activities, including tifos, chants, and fan engagement strategies.

Mobilize volunteers for game-day duties, including flag-waving, singing, and other supporters' activities.


Serve as the point of contact for supporter issues and concerns, liaising with club management as necessary.

Regularly communicate with fans via social media, newsletters, and direct communication to inform them of club news and activities.

Membership Management

Oversee membership recruitment and renewal processes.

Manage a database of supporter information and keep records up-to-date.


Work with the club's marketing team to design and distribute Supporter's Club merchandise like scarves, flags, and banners.

External Relations

Collaborate with supporter groups of other teams for combined events and social activities.

Liaise with local law enforcement and security agencies to ensure a safe and secure environment during events and matches.

Budget Management

Work with the club's finance team to develop and adhere to the Supporter's Club budget.


Prepare monthly and annual reports of Supporter's Club activities, membership growth, and fan engagement metrics.


Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

Experience in community management or a similar role

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

A passion for football and community engagement

Proficiency in the use of social media platforms

Ability to work on weekends and evenings, as required by the football season


Compensation: Volunteer

Head of Supporter’s Club – Part-time Volunteer

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