Squad Facts

Basic Info

🗓️ Established 2022
⚽️ Total of 35 registered players
🧑‍🏫 4 Technical staff members
🌎 18 Nationalities represented


🎂 Squad average age: 22 years old
👶 Youngest player: 16 years old
🎓 Oldest player: 30 years old
📏 Average height: 175.18 cm
⚖️ Average weight: 73.50 kg

Positional Breakdown

Domestic Bias

This chart represents the fraction of domestic players (with USA nationality) compared with the portion of foreign players that make up the squad.

Active Recruitment

This chart displays the last team our active players played for as a percentage of all active players that transferred to street footie FC from another club.

Historical Recruitment

This table represents all of the clubs that current and former players played for before joining street footie.

Collegiate Athletes


This chart represents the number of current or former collegiate athletes that are active in the squad.

Historical Collegiate Athletes


🍪 Important Details Ahead

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