street footie FC Affiliates with Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA)

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street footie Football Club is proud to announce our affiliation with Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA).

Benefits to Our Club

Access to Programs and Resources: MSYSA provides access to programs and resources to support player development, coaching education, referee training, and administrative assistance.

Competition Opportunities: Affiliated clubs and teams gain access to MSYSA-sanctioned leagues, tournaments, and events.

Player Development Initiatives: MSYSA focuses on player development through various initiatives, including development academies, camps, clinics, and coaching workshops.

Pathways to Higher Levels: For talented players, MSYSA serves as a pathway to higher levels of soccer, such as collegiate or professional play.

Community and Networking: Affiliating with MSYSA connects clubs, coaches, referees, and administrators to a larger soccer community within Maryland.

Safety and Standards: MSYSA sets and enforces safety standards for youth soccer, ensuring that fields, equipment, and other facilities meet appropriate guidelines to protect the well-being of players. Affiliation with MSYSA demonstrates a commitment to promoting a safe and positive environment for youth soccer participation.

Affiliation with US Youth Soccer: MSYSA is affiliated with US Youth Soccer, providing access to additional resources, programs, and opportunities at the national level. Affiliation with both MSYSA and US Youth Soccer strengthens the connection to the broader youth soccer community in the United States.

Who are MSYSA?

The Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) has been active since 1976, championing youth soccer in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Committed to providing top-tier soccer education, player growth, and programs, MSYSA also prioritizes values such as sportsmanship, fitness, diversity, teamwork, and a genuine love for the sport.

MSYSA is a member of the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) as a National State Association and is affiliated with US Youth Soccer.

© Maryland State Youth Soccer Association. All Rights Reserved.

Who are US Youth Soccer?

US Youth Soccer is the largest youth sports organization in the United States, dedicated to promoting and fostering the growth of soccer among youth players. It provides support, resources, and leadership to its members, which include players, coaches, administrators, clubs, and leagues across the country. With a mission to offer a fun, safe, and healthy environment for players at every level, US Youth Soccer aims to connect families and communities through their shared love of soccer while providing pathways for player development and achievement both on and off the field.

© US Youth Soccer. All Rights Reserved.
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street footie FC Affiliates with Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA)

street footie Football Club is proud to announce our affiliation…

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