street footie FC Announces Link with Nc2 Sports

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street footie FC will now work closely with Brazilian athlete management agency Nc2 Sports to provide better opportunities for players. This affiliation will open a pathway for street footie players to earn a professional contract in one of the many clubs Nc2 Sport works with in Brazil.

In addition to sending players for trials in Brazil, street footie has the option to loan players from Nc2 Sports’ player and scouting network.

Who are Nc2 Sports?

Nc2 Sports is a Brazilian athlete management agency that features a futsal school, a guidance center, and motivational speeches for both football and futsal players. Nc2 Sports promotes the growth of local Brazilian talent and showcases their skills to the world.

Solid Foundations

The founder and president of Nc2 Sports is Neto Caraúbas, ex-captain of the Brazilian national futsal team. Neto won Copa America de Futsal with Brazil in 2011, where he was awarded the Best Player of Copa America de Futsal 2011. The following year, Brazil, led by Neto Caraúbas won the 2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Thailand. Caraúbas won the Golden Ball award at the tournament.

Neto Caraúbas's Career Achievements

  • Spanish Primera División de Futsal (2008)
  • Copa de España de Futsal (2008 and 2009)
  • Supercopa de España de Futsal (2008 and 2009)
  • Club World Championship (2008)
  • UEFA Futsal Champions League (2009)
  • European Futsal Cup Winners Cup (2009)
  • Liga Nacional de Futsal (2010 and 2011)
    • Best Player (2011)
  • Copa Gramado de Futsal (2011)
  • China Cup (2011)
  • Copa América de Futsal (2011)
    • Best Player (2011)
  • Grand Prix de Futsal (2011)
  • FIFA Futsal World Cup (2012)
    • Golden Ball (2012)

Kleysson Wagner

Kleysson Wagner is the Director of Football at Nc2 Sports and will be our point of contact with the organization. 

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nc2 partnership

street footie FC Announces Link with Nc2 Sports

street footie FC will now work closely with Brazilian athlete…

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