street footie Hathaway vs. A3 Highlanders Match Preview

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As the MSSL Fall season kicks into high gear, street footie Hathaway hosts A3 Highlanders in a highly-anticipated showdown. Both teams are locked in a thrilling race for the top spot, boasting two impressive victories each and holding six points.

street footie Hathaway vs. A3 Highlanders

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2023

Venue: Milford Mill Academy, Windsor Mill; 1 p.m. ET

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Current Standings

  • street footie Hathaway: 1st place
  • A3 Highlanders: 1st place

With just goal differences separating them in the standings, the Orange Army understands the significance of securing a positive result. A victory in this match would propel them up the standings, marking another significant stride forward for the boys in Orange. 

street footie Hathaway is brimming with confidence, riding a wave of momentum with four consecutive wins across various competitions. Their dynamic style of play, characterized by skillful ball movement and precision passing, has proven to be a formidable force on the field.

On the opposing side, A3 Highlanders have displayed their footballing prowess. With a balanced mix of defensive solidity and incisive attacks, they’ve secured two vital wins to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the boys in Orange.

This match promises to be a riveting contest of skill, determination, and strategic prowess as both teams vie for the sole position at the top of the table. Football enthusiasts can expect nothing short of a spectacular display of the beautiful game. Join us at Milford Mill Academy on October 1 at 1:00 p.m. as we witness this thrilling clash that could shape the season’s trajectory for both street footie Hathaway.

Momentum for the Orange Army

street footie Hathaway is coming off successful back-to-back wins in the MSSL. The lads have diligently prepared this week to maintain their momentum and avoid complacency after their recent victories.

With the Orange Amy’s strong start to the MSSL season and A3 Highlander’s determination to stay in first place, this match promises to be an intense battle of skills, strategies, and sheer passion for the beautiful game. Football fans can expect an exciting display of talent and a fiercely contested match as street footie Hathaway strives to continue its winning streak.

Player to Watch: Jevoy Arthurs, aka Jay

Position: Center Back
Nationality: Jamaican

Jay has emerged as a linchpin in street footie Hathaway’s recent success. The center-back has showcased exceptional passing and defensive prowess, making him a formidable force on the field.

With an uncanny ability to disrupt the opposition’s offense, Jay has the potential to be a game-changer in the upcoming match against A3 Highlanders. His presence on the pitch bolsters the team’s defense and adds a dynamic dimension to the attack.

Fans can expect Jay to play a crucial role in dictating the game’s tempo and influencing key moments. Keep a close eye on him, as his performance could be instrumental in shaping the outcome of this highly-anticipated fixture.

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Match Details

Game Day: October 1

Game Time: 1 p.m. ET

Location: Milford Mill Academy

3800 Washington Ave, Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Weather: Clear

Game Duration: 2 x 45-minute halves  

Playing Surface: Turf

How to Watch

  • Don’t miss this exciting showdown between street footie Hathaway vs. A3 Highlanders. The match will be at Milford Mill Academy, Windsor Mill, starting at 1:00 p.m. ET on Sunday. This game will also be live-streamed on the MSSL YouTube channel [https://www.youtube.com/@msslsoccer]. Also, stay tuned for live updates and highlights on all MSSL Social Media Handles.
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🌟Upcoming MSSL D2 Match Day Four Fixtures

Soccer enthusiasts, stay tuned for more thrilling Maryland Super Soccer League Season action as we continue our journey. There are undoubtedly many memorable moments yet to unfold. 

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street footie Hathaway vs. A3 Highlanders Match Preview

As the MSSL Fall season kicks into high gear, Street…