street footie Hathaway VS. AC Imperio MSSL D2 Post Match

10 months ago
Updated 10 months ago

street footie faced off against AC Imperio on a day that started with rain  and quickly transitioned to sunshine , Troy Park, Elkridge buzzed with energy. The damp drizzle, though challenging, enhanced the football conditions. With impressive attendance, fans enjoyed a memorable match.

NEXT MATCH: Heartland VS. street footie kicks off Sunday, September 17, 2023, 2:00 pm EDT.

🌪️Fresh Energy

AC Imperio started on a high note, electrifying the ground with fresh energy. Their unpredictability saw street footie Hathaway taken aback as Imperio found the net thrice in rapid succession. But just as whispers of a rout began, street footie Hathaway sneaked one in just before the break, signaling a potential twist in the tale.

🚀Vigor and Determination

After halftime, whatever transpired in the street footie Hathaway’s camp was magic. The Orange Army returned with renewed vigor and determination, controlling the ball with dominance. The seasoned team’s spirit was evident as Hathaway matched the scoreline, pulling back two goals to even out the game at 3-3.

🎢Key Moments

street footie Hathaway’s crucial goal just before halftime shifted the momentum and rekindled hope for their fans.

The second half saw street footie employing tactful plays and sustained pressure, showcasing why they’re veterans in the MSSL.

Though AC Imperio might rue missing out on a win, they’ve stamped their mark in the Maryland Super Soccer League with aplomb. Meanwhile, street footie Hathaway displayed a tenacious comeback spirit. 

The great turnout of fans was a testament to their love for the sport and loyalty to the teams. The cheers, the roars, the atmosphere – football truly was the winner.

If this showdown was a sign of things to come, fans are in for a roller-coaster MSSL season.

MSSL D2 Match Day One Results

Sunday, September 10, 2023

A3 Highlanders 5 – 0 NPC Futbol 

street footie Hathaway 3 – 3 AC Imperio 

Baltimore Kickers 3 – 4 Heartland 

street footie are in fourth place even on points with third place AC Imperio, A3 Highlanders sit at the top of the table, Heartland take second place, Baltimore Kickers are in fifth, NPC Futbol are bottom place at the end of the first round of play in the UPSL DVM D1 Fall 2023. 





street footie Hathaway will kick start its fall season opener in the Maryland Super Soccer League campaign against newcomers AC..
10 months ago

MSSL D2 Fall 2023 Match Day 2

Sunday, September 17, 2023

11:00 AC Imperio VS. A3 Highlanders at Milford Mill Academy

13:00 NPC Futbol VS. Baltimore Kickers at Milford Mill Academy

14:00 Heartland SG VS. street footie at Troy Park-Field 1

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street footie Hathaway VS. AC Imperio MSSL D2 Post Match

On a day that started with rain and quickly transitioned…