street footie VS. Bridge Sport II UPSL DMV D1 Post Match

10 months ago
Updated 9 months ago

street footie faced off against Bridge Sports Club II in a challenging showdown at Ridge Road Recreational Park, Germantown, for the third week of play in the UPSL DMV North Season. The final score was street footie 0 – 4 Bridge Sports Club II.

NEXT MATCH: street footie VS. Cesena USA kicks off Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 7:00 pm EDT.

UPSL DMV D1 Match Day Three Results

street footie 0 – 4 Bridge Sports II 
Sure Sports II 0 – 2 MSI Pro
Cesena FC USA 1 – 0 Frederick Kings

street footie move to sixth place, MSI Pro retains the top spot, Bridge Sports II take second place, Sure Sport are in third, Fredrick Kings are in fourth, Cesena USA move up one space to fifth at the end of the third round of play in the UPSL DVM D1 Fall 2023. 

The stage is set for an electrifying clash as street footie takes on Bridge Sports Club II in the third..
10 months ago

🌧️ A Night of Intense Competition Under Rainy Skies

As the raindrops descended from the heavens above, street footie entered the match with high hopes and unwavering determination. The stage was set under the shadowy veil of relentless rain, casting a mystic aura over the battlefield. Right from the kickoff, it was evident that both teams were gearing up for a hard-fought battle under the floodlights as raindrops danced upon the grass like silent witnesses.

⚡ street footie's Unyielding Spirit Shone Bright:

Yet, amidst the rain-soaked turf and the distant rumbles of thunder, street footie displayed unwavering determination and fought bravely. They created scoring opportunities and, like flashes of lightning in the stormy night, showcased moments of brilliance on the field, even though they couldn’t find the back of the net.

🌦️ Looking Forward Through Rainbows:

Although this match didn’t yield the desired result for street footie, we remain resolute in their journey through the UPSL DMV North Season. A stepping stone for growth and improvement, and just as rain gives way to rainbows, so does defeat pave the path to future victories.

🌂 A Shoutout to the Faithful Fans, Braving the Elements:

To all the devoted fans and supporters of street footie, your unwavering encouragement drives the team’s determination to bounce back in the upcoming matches.

☔ The Road Ahead Shines Through Clouds:

street footie will regroup, meticulously analyze their performance, and work diligently to refine their strategies for the challenges ahead. Every match is an opportunity to demonstrate our mettle, and the team is determined to rise to the occasion, like a sunbeam piercing through the clouds after a storm.


🌟UPSL DMV D1 Match Day Four Fixture List

Soccer enthusiasts, stay tuned for more thrilling UPSL DMV North Season action as street footie continues as we continue on our journey. There are undoubtedly many memorable moments yet to unfold. 

Saturday09/16/2023Frederick Kings FCSure Sports FC II5:00 PMOthello Regional Park – Fld 2
Saturday09/16/2023street footie FCCesena FC USA7:00 PMRidge Road Recreational Park – Fld 4
Sunday09/17/2023Bridge Sports Club IIMSI Pro3:00 PMHammond High School
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street footie VS. Bridge Sport II UPSL DMV D1 Post Match

street footie faced off against Bridge Sports Club II in…