street footie vs Le Syli Maryland Majors 2024 Match Preview 🎉

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📅 Date: Sunday, April 21, 2024
⏰ Time: 7:00 PM
📍 Montgomery Blair High School

In what promises to be an electrifying clash, street footie gears up to take on Le Syli in a thrilling encounter at Montgomery Blair High School. With the Maryland Majors Spring 2024 season in full swing, both teams are poised to showcase their prowess on the pitch in a battle for supremacy.

street footie vs Le Syli Kicks Off on April 21th at 7PM EST – Montgomery Blair High School 🎉

💪 A Dominant Force

As the Maryland Majors Spring 2024 season unfolds, street footie has emerged as a dominant force, claiming the top spot in the standings with an impressive four points from two games played. Demonstrating resilience, skill, and determination on the pitch, street footie has set the pace early on, showcasing their title aspirations with every match. Meanwhile, Le Syli, with only one game under their belt, trails closely behind with three points, poised to challenge for the summit. In fourth place, Lions have shown promise despite amassing just one point from their two games, signaling their intent to climb higher in the rankings. At the bottom of the table, Florence awaits their opportunity to rise, currently holding the lowest position but with a game in hand, presenting a chance for redemption and advancement. With the season still in its infancy, street footie remains focused on maintaining their momentum and solidifying their position at the helm, prepared for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead in their pursuit of glory.

💥High stake matchup

With pride, points, and prestige on the line, street footie and Le Syli are primed to deliver an enthralling contest under the floodlights of Montgomery Blair High School. Be sure not to miss out on the action as these two titans of the Maryland Majors collide in a battle for supremacy.

🏆Maryland Majors Soccer League

Founded in 1965, the Maryland Majors Soccer League is the oldest active adult soccer league in Maryland. 

MMSL offers a high level of competition with opportunities for players to grow and move on to succeed at the professional level.

street footie Football Club has undergone a tumultuous inaugural campaign. And with the year nearing a close, the Orange Army..
1 year ago

🔥Maryland majors spring 2024 League fixtures

During the regular season, each team will play each other once for a total of 7 regular season games.

For rankings, the league is split into two geographical divisions: the Baltimore Metro Division and the Capitol Beltway Division.

At the end of the regular season, the top 2 teams from each division will face off in a playoff for the title.

The official Maryland Majors Soccer League Spring 2024 schedule has been released by the league…
2 months ago

✨ Join Us at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park

We invite all street footie supporters to join us at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park to witness this exciting fixture. Your support means everything to the team, and together, let’s cheer street footie towards another glorious victory!

street footie vs Floence Kicks Off on April 14th at 9PM EST – Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational Park

Follow the Journey

Stay updated with all the latest news, behind-the-scenes content, and match reports by following us on our website and social media platforms. Let’s write the next chapter in street footie’s journey in the Morton Cup 2024!


The full fixtures list for the highly anticipated Morton Cup 2024 is released, and is shaping up to be an exciting tournament season for all the teams involved, as the Maryland State Soccer Association (MSSA) commemorates 100 years of cherished soccer tradition. The tournament, set to kick off on January 7th at the scenic Blandair Park, promises a series of gripping matches featuring some of the most talented squads in the region. 


🥇 Maryland Majors Soccer League Past Champions

Year Spring Fall
2023 Baltimore City FC Columbia FC
2022 Columbia FC DMV Elite FC
2021 Columbia FC Dobes (8-3-1)
2019 Steel Pulse FC (8-2-1)  Steel Pulse FC (9-0-3)
2018 World Class Premier Elite (6-1-2) Christos FC (10-2-0)
2017 Izee Auto FC (7-4-1) Christos FC (10-0-0) Fricker Cup Champion
2016 Pipeline SC (7-2-1) Christos FC (11-0-0) Nat Amateur Cup Champion and Fricker Cup Champion
2015 Pipeline SC (8-3-0) Christos FC (12-0-1) 
2014 Pipeline SC (11-0-0) Maryland Bays (10-0-2) Nat. Amateur Cup Runner Up
2013 MD Lions (9-1-0) Maryland Bays (12-2-0) Nat Open Cup Champion
2012 JA Raiders (8-1-1) Maryland Bays (13-0-1)
2011 Baltimore Kickers (7-1-0) Maryland Bays (12-1-1)
2010 Eastfield Arsenal (7-2-2) Maryland Bays (11-2-1)
2009 Platinum Kicker (7-1-0) Maryland Bays (11-2-1)
2008 Platinum Kicker (11-1-0) Green Turtle
2007   AC United
2006   Baltimore Colts FC
2005   Baltimore Colts FC* Nat Open Cup Champion
2004   Baltimore Colts FC
2003   Baltimore Bays Christos
2002   Barilla Baltimore Colts FC
2001   Baltimore Bays Christos
2000   Jerry D's
1999   Claddagh Pub
1998   Casa Mia SC
1997   Baltimore Kickers
1996   Casa Mia SC
1995   Casa Mia SC
1994   Casa Mia SC
1993   Casa Mia SC
1992   Hummers SC
1991   Hummers SC
1990   Hummers SC
1989   La Dolce Vita
1988   La Dolce Vita
1987   La Dolce Vita
1986   Tommy's Lounge
1985   Casa Bianco SC
1984   Casa Bianco SC
1983   Casa Bianco SC
1982   Apollon SC
1981   Apollon SC
1980   Casa Bianco SC
1979   Hellenic SC
1978   Hellenic SC
1977   St. Elizabeth's SC
1976   Casa Bianco SC
1975   Casa Bianco SC
1974   St. Elizabeth's SC
1973   Tower Ford Casa Bianco SC
1972   Dnipro SC
1971   Dnipro SC
1969-70   Baltimore Kickers
1968-69   St. Gerard's (Baltimore Unlimited Soccer League)
1968   Bucky Helms
1967   Bucky Helms
1966   Max Blobs
1965   Max Blobs / Italia SC (Baltimore Unlimited League)
1964   Italia SC
1963   Italia SC
1962   Sled'z
1958   Baltimore Pompei (Baltimore Unlimited League)
1957   Baltimore Pompei (Baltimore Unlimited League)
1956   Baltimore Pompei (Baltimore Unlimited League)
1955   Baltimore Pompei (Baltimore Unlimited League)
1954   Surf SC
1953   Baltimore Pompei
1952   Baltimore Pompei
1951   Baltimore Pompei (Baltimore Major Soccer League)
1950   Baltimore Pompei (Baltimore Major Soccer League)
1949   Spanish American
1948   Parkville 
1922   Baltimore SC (Greater Baltimore Soccer League)
1920   Canton Freebooters (Greater Baltimore Soccer League)
In a thrilling kickoff to the 2024 Morton Cup, street footie claimed a commanding 2-0 win against JA Raiders at..
4 months ago


Baltimore City

JA Raiders
Le Syli DMV
street footie 

📙street footie FC players' Hand book 2024

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VS Le Syli

street footie vs Le Syli Maryland Majors 2024 Match Preview 🎉

Maryland Majors Spring 2024 Date: Sunday, April 21, 2024 Time:…